From athletes to hustlers, we want to help every individual accomplish their dreams — pun intended. Chili actively manages the body's temperature to deliver magical deep sleep. The results begin the first night. From the moment you find your perfect sleeping temperature, we're dedicated to helping you enjoy a lifetime of better sleep.
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Delivering health & happiness has been our promise since day one. Our targeted formulas and proprietary dosage technology help us guarantee that promise; ensuring a safe, targeted, consistent and repeatable experience each and every time.
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At KeySmart, we design game-changing, everyday products that pack more function into less space. Our Kickstarter roots have helped us build a foundation of entrepreneurial values that include transparency, community and design that blows your mind . We’re here to make your EDC organized, compact and convenient.
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Parkdale Brass
Upgrade your sessions with sleek brass smoking pipe from Parkdale Brass. Inspired by 20th century design, the all-brass pipes feature an industrial look with the sturdy fittings and rustic finish. It’s the perfect blend of timeless style and modern design.
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Studio Proper is a boutique product design studio based in Melbourne, Australia, focused on simplifying everyday interactions with technology in a beautiful and minimal fashion. Founded on the principal that good design should be seamless; we designed a range of mounts, stands, and accessories that fit cohesively in every use case with Apple devices.
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While we strive for perfection at Vessel, realistically, we know there is no way to engineer the "perfect" product. Our commitment is to accommodate the bell curve of today's market varieties. It's a daunting task but one that motivates us daily. With the momentum we've built since launch in 2018, we are working tirelessly to bring forth new innovation, new designs to set new industry standards - this has always been our ultimate goal.
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